Saturday, June 16, 2012

RIP Steve Lavallee

I just read that Kyoshi Steve Lavallee has passed away. Condolences to his family and students. While I have never met him, I believe this is a great loss.


Anonymous said...

no loss what so ever. he is a pedophile

Anonymous said...

I started as a student in Liverpool in 81 at age 9.learnd alot of things from that man and his instructors that saved my life countless
times. and I still train train with his roots of kenpo as my foundation. But im very disturbed. I was molested .not by Mr lavaellee.and witnessed my father's suicide. Before I got 2nd degree brown belt.after that I escaped the Onondaga curses. So I thought.drug's and stupid choices I made got me in bad places that made me have to fight to survive.I was in a Florida prison when mr lavallee took himself out. And just now found out what he was accused abuser is now in a Florida prison and gets his regular beatings.and on his release will miss those after he looks in my eyes and remembers the curse never left me.but Mr levalle if he did what he's accused of will pay in hell .but his skills and teaching saved me from death mmany Times .so my disturbed mind is confused again. I just hope sexual abuse victims don't abuse children back. I never did.I just hurt myself. So now I'll go get high. And think about the messed up world and the Onondaga curse.btw I hated every kata I learned.