Friday, April 27, 2012

Hot MMA Training Gear for 2012

Guest post by Robbin Grey of The MMA Zone.

mmalogo.jpgMixed Martial Arts (MMA) training is tough. It has to be. Fighters need to be in great shape to be able to keep moving, thinking and reacting to a fast-paced fight for however long it lasts. MMA requires strength, explosiveness, quickness and most importantly, endurance. Therefore, fighters are always looking for new training equipment that will give them an edge over their opponents. Here are some training items that will provide just that edge.

Training and Fitness Dummy by Title MMA

The Title MMA Training & Fitness Dummy is a next-level training dummy. It is shaped like a typical training dummy, which are great for practicing throws and ground and pound as well as incorporating into workout routines (picking up and carrying the dummy is a standard exercise in MMA gyms). The Title Dummy takes its design to the next level by incorporating a series of grips on the sides and tops of the dummy. This makes it perfect for gripping for uses in other exercises (like deadlifts) and the grips can be used to simulate overhooks and underhooks. Just a great design all-around and a must-have item for MMA gyms and fighters.

MMA Grappling Bag Kit by Bad Boy MMA

The MMA Grappling Bag Kit is standard fare for any MMA fighter. The kit contains a grappling dummy, gloves and a jump rope. The gloves use a closed palm design, which is great for both grappling and striking workouts. They also use moisture absorption technology designed to reduce odor and foam breakdown, which are both problems with subpar MMA gear. The dummy can be used in a variety of ways, from practicing throws and takedowns to building strength and endurance as a part of training circuits. Finally, the jump rope is an absolute must for any fighter.

Training Mask

Athletes of all types have long known that training at altitude builds endurance in ways that no other workout can. Most athletes, however, do not have the opportunity to train at altitude and that is why the Training Mask made the list of hot MMA training equipment for 2012. The Training Mask creates the sensation and benefits of training at high altitudes. It looks like a gas mask and is designed to be worn during training sessions. It limits the amount of oxygen the body can receive throughout the workout and forces the body to adapt and overcome this lack of oxygen by making the lungs use the oxygen more efficiently, which builds the cardio system and endurance.


About the Author

Robbin Grey is a writer for the MMA Zone.  Robbin loves writing and training in various martial arts like: Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Kickboxing.  If you don't find her writing about MMA then you will likely find her down at the local gym working out.


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The grips can be used to simulate overhooks .Mask creates the sensation and benefits of training at high altitudes.