Wednesday, November 02, 2011

This Probably Won't Help the "Cause"

I am just a simple voter, taxpayer, and citizen, but this kind of pisses me off. Every part of these protests against ____ are costing us money every day. They do not file permits, do not pay for the costs of services like extra police presence, and disrupt life for the law-abiding. Any sympathy that I had was gone once they started pissing and masturbating in public, sexually assaulting each other, and, now, destroying private property. Via
A group of about 300 men, many wearing black, some carrying wooden sticks, was part of a group of hundreds who set out to cause a general strike in the area around City Hall. The smaller group smashed several windows of the Wells Fargo branch while chanting, "Banks got bailed out; we got sold out." They also spray-painted an expletive on the outer wall of the bank. Employees were inside while this took place, but it did not appear that anyone got hurt.

I realize this is a political issue, but it's also become a public safety and law and order issue. The First Amendment protects speech, but not disorderly and criminal conduct, otherwise, I could claim a mugging is a protest and, thus, protected speech.

If you have a cause, explain it, sell it, motivate the voters to vote for it. Don't try to intimidate Americans - we don't take too well to it.

Update: Take a look at some of the destruction.

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