Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who was Masahiko Kimura?

Check out this post at The Ground Never Misses on Masahiko Kimura, called "the greatest Judoka to ever live."

A few nuggets about him:

  • Kimura became the All Japan Open Weight Judo Champion at age 20. He maintained this title for 13 years without suffering a single defeat during this period. 
  • Defeated Helio Gracie in one of the most famous challenge matches in martial arts history, and one which caused Gracie to name the "Kimura" technique after his opponent.
  • He was a badass!
Check out the post for more details. 
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1 comment:

Noah said...

Yeah, Kimura was basically awesome. He and Mas Oyama were actually considered the two strongest men in Japan at one point.