Sunday, October 02, 2011

Great Pursuit Solution via the Newsletter


I just read my second (I think) issue of the newsletter, and saw something very cool. Wonder how you can improve the chances of catching the bad guys and reduce the chances of losing contact? All while reducing the chance of injury or death? Well, the newsletter highlights a great one:

StarChase Pursuit Management System

Who doesn’t like playing tag or cops and robbers?  When you combine the two games, you have a serious solution proposed by StarChase to a serious problem.

The StarChase Pursuit Management System “tags” a suspect vehicle fleeing from law enforcement and leads authorities to the vehicle by the use of real-time GPS tracking, thereby minimizing the risks of a high-speed pursuit.


A great idea, and if it reduces the chance of injuries to officer and innocent third parties, it may be a great solution!

If you’re in law enforcement, or a related industry or occupation, check out

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Richard said...

Thanks for the mention. I'm glad you enjoyed Randall's article. Stay safe!

Interpreter said...

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