Saturday, May 21, 2011

Todays Quote: John Zimmer

So I for one do not think there is any “best” martial art or a most effective way to fight MMA. I will grant you there are more generally accepted ways of fighting MMA but as soon as one dismisses a formal style and forgets how to defend against it – it will probably come back and bite you in the butt! - John Zimmer in Master Seagal Mentors the Spider and the Dragon?

This is only a small taste of what Zimmer is discussing in this interesting post. But let’s focus on that quote. The recent victories by Machida and Silva using the heretofore “exotic” technique called the front kick proves what Zimmer says: you ignore the basics to your peril, but not only in MMA.
The backfist, jab, and jumping back kick are great techniques, but it may be a good idea to train with, and versus basic techniques of your style, and versus attacks you may likely face.
In MMA itself, you used to see some techniques work a lot of the time, such as a flying knee, superman punch, and spinning backfist. Not used as much, or not as successful. Just wait…

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