Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why You Do Not Mess With the Gurkha

Sergeant Dipprasad pun
Sgt. Dipprasad Pun

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Some stories are unbelievable because they’re true. Something which wouldn’t be believed if it was written into a movie script or book, is not uncommon for the legendary warriors of Nepal.
From Strategy Page:

One Gurkha, No Passage

March 31, 2011: Britain recently awarded one of its Gurkha soldiers (sergeant Dipprasad Pun) the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (second only to the Victoria Cross) for killing or chasing away over 30 Taliban who tried to overwhelm his guard post in Helmand province, Afghanistan, last September. The night attack was detected by sergeant Pun, who was alone in the outpost. He grabbed all the weapons (machine-gun, assault rifle, and grenades) he could and went to the roof of his building. During a fifteen minute fight, he killed at least three Taliban, wounded many more, and caused the others to flee. Pun's father and grandfather had also been decorated while serving with Indian Gurkha regiments.
For Gurkhas, this was not an unusual feat.
More from the Stormbringer:
Facing a surprise attack at a Afghanistan checkpoint, Sergeant Dipprasad Pun, 31, hoisted a 50lb machine gun off its mount to blast at the enemy.
When they kept coming, he launched 17 grenades and picked up an SA80 assault rifle, which jammed on him.
Then he threw the machine gun's metal tripod at his attackers, before fending them off with a sandbag while yelling in Nepali: "I will kill you!"

With nothing left to hand, the exhausted hero finally managed to fire off a Claymore mine, and the blast sent the enemy scattering.
Pun's medal citation said his actions saved the lives of three comrades and prevented the key military position he was guarding from being overrun.
Image credit: My Nepal


Elias said...

I'm willing to bet that when he was done there was an explosion and he walked away from it without looking at it.

lala13 said...

Wow, hahaha, yes I must agree it's like a Rambo movie. Unbelievable! Thanks for sharing. -Jeremiah

Patrick Parker said...

reminds me of the story about the texas rangers...

there was a riot somewhere and they called for the rangers to come help - and the rangers sent one man. when the townspeople asked him why only one ranger was sent, be responded, "there's only one riot, isnt there?"

Nathan at TDA Training said...

Elias- I'd agree, and if there was smoking allowed in a combat zone, I'd bet he lit one up while there was some cool theme music playing as he walked away from the bodies stacked like cordwood. And from the explosion, of course. Then everyone gets there after the action and scratches their chins and feel foolish.

lala13, you're right, but Rambo's got nothing on this guy!

Patrick- I've love that! I'd think we could just hire a couple of fire teams of these guys, or their sisters, drop em in Pakistan and wait for Bin Laden to run out. LOL.

Anonymous said...

"Rambo? he's a pu--y?"

-Sgt. Dipprasad Pun

thapa bimal said...

our brother have no fear.we have no fear, . Better to know the history about us..