Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blogs you should read: Tactical Arnis–another great discovery by TDA Training

Ok – that’s a really a lie. Worse than the idea that Columbus discovered America, or that Al Gore “invented” the Internet, both of which have some basis in reality, or are arguably true. But, I should deserve some credit for titling the post as if I did, right? No? You’re right. Tactical Arnis is another great new blog, has some excellent contributions to the discussions of martial stuff on the Internet that Gore created (sorry Al).

Only around since February, I have been leery of linking or promoting new blogs until they’re ripe, but I keep seeing things like:

MCMAP – and we’re not talking fast food. This one is a MUST see for anyone who’s got any illusions of being a “warrior” in civilian life, as compared to our troops. Watch the Marines of the Martial Arts Center of Excellence at Quantico humble Dana White and his cadre of UFC cage fighters in their venue. Awesome!

Tactically Speaking: Courage.

Great explanation of OODA Loop and how theories only go so far….

Tactically Speaking: Do you have “Excalibur Syndrome?”

Now, I’m not going to go out and say that this is a great, or even good blog, since there are probably less than a dozen posts, but I want to ask you to check out the excellence so far, and then keep reading to encourage continued posting, ‘cause it looks great so far.

Thanks to TGace of The Things Worth Believing In for making me a believer. I hope to visit their school next time I am in the area.

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