Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Western boxing and The Fighter

I’m guessing that with the debut of The Fighter, there will be an uptick of interest in boxing. Most of you know that I believe that knowledge of - and skill in - boxing is fundamental to a good martial artist or fighter, regardless of style. All MMA fighters now study boxing diligently, and you see the techniques and training utilized by martial arts of all stripes.  Even untrained thugs know how to throw a cross or straight punch, and so it is obligatory on anyone who wishes to defend himself to learn the techniques of boxing, and how to defend against them.

There are numerous great resources for picking up boxing skill, in addition to TDA Training. One which I’d recommend is Plug Ugly's Boxing Blog authored by longtime coach Wilson Pitts.

What I like about Pitts is that he teaches a technique, tactic, and strategy, then builds on that by posting video and analyzing it for you. As most instructors know, our learning modalities include audio (being told, or hearing). visual (seeing examples), and kinesthetic/tactile (learning by performing or feeling a movement). The best instructors use all of them. That’s what Pitt is doing with his online instruction. Check it out and learn something.

Note: We have added Plug Ugly’s Boxing Blog to our sidebar links. Watch for new posts there, too.


SenseiMattKlein said...

Happy New Year, Nathan! Thanks for the link to Plug Ugly's. He's got some great stuff on that blog. I am a big advocate of boxing skills for self-defense.

Anonymous said...