Saturday, December 25, 2010

Three Gifts from The Combat Trainer


I wholeheartedly agree with all three gifts to us – free advice from the Combat Trainer. Just a sample:

Gift Number 1:

Add power movements into your program.   What do I mean by power movements?  Well what I am talking about are exercises that require you as the athlete to move a force quickly.  That force can either be your own body weight or an object such as a kettlebell or barbell.  Incorporating suck power movements/exercises such as plyo-metrics or the Olympic lifts in your program is essential to taking you to the next level.  Now you don’t have to rush out and learn the Olympic lifts immediately.  Break them down into the different variations like the push press or jump shrug.  These movements alone will allow you to become more powerful.   A side note, when adding these power movements into your training, start with them first then move onto movements that require more strength.  So get moving fast and reap the benefits to your power development.

My recommendation is that you head over to Rob’s place and read the rest!

Merry Christmas!


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