Friday, September 03, 2010

Wait! Come back! You weren't so bad!

Works and Days » ‘Bush … Come Back, Bush, Come Back’
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Jeff said...

Stick to MA subjects, please. That is what you are best at. Politics? Meh.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Jeff, unfortunately, I write about what I think about, and that will include politics. Where I try to draw the line is on keeping my posts focused on martial arts, military, law enforcement, and national security subjects. I appreciate that you probably don't want to read all of my posts, especially those about which you disagree, but the reason for creating and posting to one's own blog is to be able to share opinions, including linking to others' opinions. I will continue to do so, and hope you will read and respectfully comment on any posts you find interesting. And feel free to ignore any posts you don't.