Monday, August 16, 2010

How to perform the Clinch in Muay Thai

Our post, Defend the Thai Clinch, elicited a response in the comments of “They are actually doing it wrong,” with a link to this video:

Couple of points:

  1. There is a lot of merit to clinching high, on the head. This is a good habit, and I agree with, and recommend this video. There are many benefits to doing it.
  2. I always found it easier to escape a higher clinch like this. Not to say that it isn’t better. Learn it. Learn to defend it. Learn why it works and how to counter it.


Anonymous said...

I know this is a sports technique and it can work when executed with power & speed but for the street I would never grab someone's head with both hands and try to jerk it down, at least not before I got in a couple of solid hits and by then it's fairly irrelevant which technique you use to finish. There are downsides to fighting with gloves and this can be countered fairly easy and viciously when there aren't rules prohibiting eyes, throat & groin as targets. Just my two cents.


Jon Law said...

I've found that the clinch on the head as opposed to the neck gives leverage against the neck, you can get a much stronger 'tug' to pull the bad guy down for knees.

If you're quick it can be easier to slip out, but once it's on it ain't coming off. I like the wedging escapes you do in the first article, always my fave.

As I'm usually shorter than the other bloke, i tend to wedge my hands in his face and push up from the floor.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Great comments, Zara and Jon.

It is, indeed a sport technique. The clinch can, and is used for both utilizing the knee strike, and for throwing. In Muay Thai, you will see it utilized for both. To me, any technique which puts an opponent down-strike or throw-is a good one in self-defense, as long as it is executed quickly. Definitely need to train everything with, and without gloves. This is one case where MMA gloves are a great training aid.

The point of softening someone up before using this is well-made, however.

As to the height comment, this is one of those cases where shorter and stronger can be good.