Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Real Primo Bad Ass!

Some of my Twitter buds have the idea that perhaps it's Chuck Norris, but no!

THIS is the Primo Bad Ass!

Primo the Donkey!

There's no denying that he's one bad ass!


FredInChina said...

Nice pics. Does the donkey have really short legs or is it the grass that is specially long?

Bob Patterson said...

I said it before on Facebook and I'll say it again here: When it comes to grass I suspect that Dojo Rat would give Primo a run for his money!

Nathan Teodoro said...

FredInChina, thanks. The grass just needed to be mowed for the first time this spring. This is only a few days ago, so it's pretty bad!

Bob, hmmm. Probably different variety?