Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Best Resource for top Martial Arts Blogs

I have to hand it to Bob from Striking Thoughts he’s done something great, and deserves all the kudos in the martial arts world for creating the Martial Arts Toplist, a directory listing a who’s who of top MA blogs.

The Martial Arts Toplist

The discerning reader will note that TDA Training’s ranking must be incorrect, since we are only #9 as of this posting, not #1, our former ranking (OK, it was a long time ago!) which shows a major glitch in their ranking algorithm. Nonetheless, the Martial Arts Toplist is THE place to go to find a quick listing of top blogs.

For example, Ikigai, Mokuren Dojo, Dojo Rat, and Martial Thoughts are there, as are My Self-Defense Blog and the venerable Martial Views. There are really too many to list here, with one exception: TDA Training. You’ve got to check that one out!

Great job, Bob. You’re a gem!

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Matt said...

I'm just keeping it warm for you Nathan!

Mr. Patterson said...

The funny thing is that while Nathan was on hiatus he still ranked in the top 20!

Nathan at TDA Training said...

Matt: you're a pro man. I love your blog.

Bob: there's that faulty algorithm again, I should've been around 100!