Thursday, February 04, 2010

My Thoughts on Taylor Swift’s singing ability

Taylor Swift can't sing - who cares!

About 9 months ago I said to my son's friends that Taylor Swift couldn't sing, and, you know what, they DIDN'T care! I have no idea why!

Seriously, she's young, beautiful, blonde, and kids love her. The boys want to uh, be her boyfriend, and the girls want to be her friend.

I like her too. Before you accuse me of being a perv, hear me out:

She's not sleazy, her songs (those that I've heard) have reasonably positive messages, and I don't think she's in a gang.

When I said that she couldn't sing live, but sounded OK with the modern recording enhancements, they were OK with that. And I am too.

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Patrick Parker said...

Whoa! She sings too!?

Jesse Crouch said...

+1 for Taylor

Nathan at TDA Training said...

Patrick! Now see how Jesse did it? Subtle. You should learn from that! :-)