Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The “12-6” elbow defeats the cover-up in the mount

In my recent post, Self-Defense lessons learned from The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale, I mentioned several techniques that were not allowed in MMA because, well, they work too well! Well I was so excited (and sleepy) when I neglected to mention the one that works “too well” versus someone who covers up versus strikes when under a top mounted opponent. As in this example to your left… [Photo via Bulldog Martial Arts Academy]

So what you’re seeing on the left is a sport-type cover-up to protect against blows raining down from a mounted striker, where the goal is to use your elbows, forearms, and head movement to deflect, block, and evade the strikes raining down. The technique is effective, as such, until you introduce looping punches from the outside (like wide hooks), or, drive through with a blunt weapon, the deadly 12 to 6 (in the old days, a couple of days ago, I called it a downward elbow, but never let it be said that I can’t learn a new trick despite my old dog status!). vlcsnap-2009-12-08-00h06m58s172

The combat oriented attacker may try the “illegal” method illustrated to the right. The problem for the bottom man is that all of the weight of the top man is driving down at the point of his elbow. There’s no way that he can prevent the elbow from driving through or between his guarding forearms.

The real lesson? Don’t get like this outside an Octagon!

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This is just one of the considerations an MMA fighter must take on baord if he/she wants to train realistically for self defence.Good post!