Monday, July 20, 2009

Who else should TDA Training be following?

If you’ve read this site for a long time, you know what our focus is: practical martial arts training, combatives, technique and tactics for self-defense, and so on. Please take a look at our blogroll and let me know if you have a recommendation via email or in the comments. I want opinions of readers, or, if you’re the author of a site or blog, feel free to plug it if it’s relevant, and include why you like it.

If it’s not relevant (great shoe sales, travel sites, etc.), then your comments and links will be deleted.


UPDATE: So far, got some pretty good feedback in comments, and I realized that I haven’t give my email: tdatraining at Gmail dot com. Please go ahead and send your recommendations.

UPDATE 2: Have added Jesse Crouch’s The Martial Explorer, a very interesting blog call Fear an Iarthair, and cleaned up the blogroll, considerably. Why did no one tell me they were sorted by the date of addition? I guess when came back on line that was a default? Also, I had several links that were dead or redirected, and some that had been added a few times when Blogrolling was down. Cleaned up! A few more to add, then I will consider that done!


Anonymous said...

I don't think Chiron (by the guy who wrote Meditations on Violence) is on your blogroll.

Patrick Parker said...

The "No Blog of Significance" (that you have listed twice) is defunct.

There's another blog by some anonymous "Man of the West" that is very similar in theme and content to that old, dead blog. Check it out...