Monday, July 27, 2009

On heroes (from my dad)

In this country, unfortunately, the word hero is used indiscriminately. Even football players and rap artists are described as heroes.

Those who deserve the title heroes, our men and women in uniform, continue to do their duty, to serve this country unsung,unrecognized.

- Pablo Teodoro, Jr. USA (Ret.)


I would include in that all of you veterans and those serving their nation in law enforcement, and fire/rescue. You are my heroes, along with my dad, a Vietnam vet. I was lunching today with two police chiefs who served in the same war and bear the scars of that sacrifice. We should all be thankful.


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John W. Zimmer said...

I agree the word hero is overused. I have a stricter definition... only people that put their life on the line (actively) would be a hero in my book. Firemen, policemen and military might rise to that standard but they would not automatically be heroes.

I am tired of musicians, football players, whatever getting the label of "hero" just because someone idolizes them... I always wonder who did they save?

I'm probably not in the majority but that is my 2 cents.

Elias said...

I would have to agree with your dad.

Nathan at TDA Training said...

I appreciate the comments from you both.