Saturday, October 04, 2008

Todays TDA Tip: Cripple Yourself to Be Prepared

In all the drilling, training, scenarios, and sparring we do to prepare for the worst, one of the best things you can do to really be prepared is to cripple yourself. Is there a possibility you'll have to fight while hurt, blinded, maimed, or just hobbled by injury or accident? Of course.

Many who caution against firearms say that it's very likely that you'll be shot with your own firearm (as cover for dislike of firearms) have a point. What if you are? Can you go on? A previous post addresses How effective are eye gouges and biting?, which are viable techniques, but can also be used against you. My suggestion for today is to do the following:

  • Spar (striking) against someone who's standing while feigning inability to stand. Block, move, and strike back while simulating a knee, hip, or foot injury (pick one), and don't restrict yourself from grappling moves. The standing fighter should attempt to kick, stomp, or strike you while staying away from your takedown or grounded strikes.
  • Close one eye to simulate the effects of an eye gouge. Notice your depth perception changes, and how you have to compensate by choosing different techniques (closer?). How about weapon sparring or disarms (gun, knife, or stick) while only having one eye to see the weapon or attacker. How much more must you then rely on the tactile sense?
  • Most of us have tied one or both arms while sparring. How about tying your legs together to simulate a back injury and fight while prone, or crawling?

These are just a few ideas. Have more?

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