Monday, October 27, 2008

Tai Chi in a Serious Fight

OK, not so serious, but this is a lighthearted video from Scott at Weakness With a Twist on the application of the "single whip." The production quality leaves something to be desired, even by my low standards (see the TDA Training Video category for examples), but it illustrates the effectiveness of the seemingly esoteric Tai Chi techniques you've probably seen at the rec center. I like the "play ground" reference, too!

When I was running my own schools, I allowed a Cambodian Tai Chi instructor to use a location during off hours, and learned first-hand about the combat effectiveness of the "internal" martial art (IMA) of Tai Chi. I'd had some very brief exposure to it, but discounted it as theoretical nonsense. A discerning viewer will pick up the practical moves in the video above. If you have a chance, head over to Weakness, Dojo Rat, and Formosa Neijia for more on IMA.

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Colin Wee said...

Re: Streetfight v Playground. :-) Open-mindedness and a little self-effacing humour is really healthy for serious martial artists. Good video. Don't often see Tai chi being represented much.

Scott said...

Hey, thanks for posting that!
My track backs were broken all Summer, so this is the first time I've noticed anybody writing about me in months. I'm working on a new video called "The Workings Man's Gi."