Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For my MA blogging friends: Picasa 3

I just downloaded the new Picasa 3, free photo management software from Google. If you use photos in blogging, or just have lots of family pics, this is a great tool for automatically organizing, improving, and publishing your pictures. Watch.

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Anonymous said...

BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!! I installed this awful software hoping to establish a family photo gallery. It grabs hold of your computer and totally takes control. It tries to catalog every single file on your PC and you can't stop the process or you CRASH YOUR SYSTEM. IT happened to me twice before I yanked this piece of crap off my system. The second time it also corrupted my monitor display settings!
It gives you no warning or choice as to what it catalogs. Before I was able to stop and remove it, it also changed all the file associations for every picture on my system!! I wasted lots of my time trying to recover from this Major Crapware and will not try again.
It is free and worth the price.
Tom Detweiler,