Friday, October 31, 2008

The A-Team of Martial Arts Blogging!

Fight Geek's fault!

Brilliant. This was inspired by Fight Geek completely unnecessary A-Team reference on a forum - this is my way of getting him back!

What I'm referring to in the title is the new Convocation of Combat Arts, comprised of the best martial arts bloggers on the planet, and me, too. We're getting ready for the public launch of the site, a combined forum, social networking mishmash, and weird grouping of bloggers and their readers. More shortly.

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1 comment:

Scott Johnstone said...

I really like this blog, I started a forum, which has a ton of information on MMA, the url is . I am not sure you guy have videos yet on this blog for MMA, but I would love to help out and provide some for you. My webmaster compiled a bunch of video feeds from youtube and other sources, that would benefit this blog as well, if you are interested. Thanks again and have a great day!