Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Todays Quote: Hock on Finishing the Fight

Hock Hochheim

"There Must be 50 Ways to Leave Your Fighter" (with apologies to Paul Simon)

There are actually not that many in terms of concept. There must be 5 ways to "win," or to "finish" a fight, whether soldier, citizen, security or cop.

1) You leave. You escape from the opponent (hopefully using the "Orderly Retreat" concept)

2) He leaves. You use threats, demands and actions to make the opponent surrender and/or desists and leaves.

3) He stays. You inflect less-than-lethal injury upon the opponent. Injure and/or diminish to a degree that
the opponent stops fighting and chasing you.

4) You and he both stay. You control arrest, contain and restrain. You capture and escort the opponent. Or, you detain/capture the opponent and await the proper authorities.

5) He dies. Lethal methods. We fight criminals and enemy soldiers. Sometimes we kill them.

- Hock Hochheim's March 6, 2008 blog entry

Pretty brilliant, no?

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Patrick Parker said...

Pretty cool idea. What about:

6) You die. (We fight monsters. Sometimes they kill us.)

Just thinking...

This is sorta related to my latest post on the continuum of force...

Chaka Zulu will kill you