Friday, September 26, 2008

Technical note - cannot comment in Firefox with Blogger

I've been trying to reply to a bunch of reader comments in the last couple of days, have seemingly posted my replies and comments, and, after clicking the post button, no comment is evident.

Tonight, I did some basic troubleshooting, and found that I can comment just fine when using Internet Explorer 7, but my Firefox 3 won't let me.

Firefox comment IE comment

Notice that the Firefox example (on the left) has a "Select profile" choice as default in the "Comment as:" field, whereas the IE window (on the right) has my Google profile already loaded as the default. The login condition is the same in both browsers - I am logged into my Blogger/Google account.

Weird! This is the first instance I have found where something works in IE and doesn't in Firefox, which I have grown to prefer. Sorry for the late replies to comments.

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