Saturday, August 02, 2008

TDA Training was down, not out - SiteMeter attack! Updated

This post at Hot Air caught my eye this morning because: 1) I use SiteMeter, and 2) I don't use IE7 anymore!

Starting yesterday, Sitemeter has caused thousands of blogs to fail in Internet Explorer 7 for some reason.  Both Hot Air and Michelle Malkin sites have been affected.  According to Charles Johnson, the problem exists on Sitemeter’s own website.  It appears that Sitemeter changed its coding yesterday without warning its users, and without testing it before going live with the changes.

I checked, and, indeed, it wouldn't load. I quickly removed the SM code, and all is well. As of this writing, SiteMeter's blog had no mention of the issue.

More good advice from Ed Morrissey.

Even if you love IE7, it’s a good idea to have a second browser handy in case issues like this arise.  Sitemeter will eventually get its act together, and we’ll have our sites back up shortly.  Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: According to SiteMeter's blog, the problem has been resolved.

We corrected a compatibility issue with our SiteMeter tracking code and IE7 and IE6 browsers that started last night.

The problem was related to some work we were doing on the backend system for our upcoming website launch.

We’ve identified and resolved two separate but related issues -

1 - IE Users viewing pages - The error occured when the SiteMeter tag was not a direct child of the body tag (e.g. if the tag was within a table or div). Recent changes we made created a failure for visitors viewing sites using Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 6.

2 - Accessing SiteMeter and Stats - Individuals trying to access or view their SiteMeter stats by clicking on their SiteMeter logo/icons were unable to gain access. This again appears to have affected only individuals using IE7 and IE6.

At this time both problems have been fixed and our services are fully operational.


Dojo Rat said...

Hopefully Michelle Malkin's site will stay down!

Patrick Parker said...

I was going nuts last nite because I couldn't figure out which widget was casing Mokuren Dojo to abort during loading. I finally downloaded a copy of Firefox browser and everything seems to work.

Funny, I onl recently (about a week ago) installed sitemeter because blogflux mapstats has been so infernally unstable I figured mapstats had to be better. :-(

And who is this Michelle Malkin person, anyway? Whoever she is her blog can't be as important asnd informative as!

Nathan at TDA Training said...

Hah! It was fixed. What's more nefarious than the SM sabotage was the way that Pat manages to plug his site with such buttery smooth stealth - out in the open! Well done, Pat!

Patrick Parker said...

Over at we don't know what you mean by, "buttery smooth stealth?"
On the other hand, I suppose I resemble that remark...

Bob Patterson said...

I was wondering why you haven't posted in a while!