Monday, July 28, 2008


Hello and welcome back to the wrap up. Okay, as expected, this week was a bit of a let down after all of the excitement of the UFC/Affliction showdown. But EliteXC still managed to give us a few fireworks in their CBS Primetime event this weekend, and we also have UFC 87 to get ready for, as well as a few philosophical offerings from Frank Shamrock to consider. So let's get rolling....


While EliteXC failed to attract as many viewers as their debut program this past Saturday night, they still managed to give us a respectable show and plenty of action. Without well-known names like 'Kimbo Slice' or Gina Carano fighting, this really wasn't a surprise.

The big fight of the night was a rematch between Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith for the EliteXC Middleweight title. Their last fight was stopped by the doctor and ruled a "no contest." This time around their was just as much blood, but some quick thinking (and even quicker hands) by Lawler prevented another stoppage.

Smith came on hard during the first round, pressing the fight and using impressive head kicks to keep Lawler on the defensive. Lawler returned fire with strong punches, but it was obvious that Smith had taken an early lead. In the second round, Smith continued his aggression and just as Lawler seemed to be getting a second wind, Smith began to find range with some viscious elbows, splitting the top of Lawler's scalp open with a deep gash that began spilling blood all over his face.

It seemed certain that the fight would soon be stopped, however Lawler managed to engage a clinch and then started working some knee kicks to the body and eventually the head to drop Smith. In dramatic fashion, Robbie Lawler took back the fight, winning by knockout in the second round for a very exciting finish for the evening.

Here's a quick clip of Lawler during his post fight interview:

However, the most interesting fight of the evening happened earlier during a match between two female fighters, the Brazilian Chute Boxing/Muay Thai fighter, Cris Cyborg (yeah, I guess that's really her name) and Shayna Baszler.

Cris dominated almost every second of the fight with blistering kicks, quick footwork, and awesome punches. Shayna, to her credit, took one heck of a beating before finally falling to a particularly rough right hand.

Here's Cyborg's postfight interview:

Cyborg is an amazing fighter to watch. She moves well, with incredible strength and impressive ring-savvy. I really don't think there are many other women out there who could match her... in fact, the only one that comes to mind is Gina Carano... and wouldn't you know it, Gina also happens to fight for EliteXC... and it just so happens that she would mind mixing it up with Cyborg... in fact, she seems pretty anxious to do so!

Friends, this is the setup for the biggest Female MMA Fight in History... and personally, I can't wait!


George St. Pierre defends his Welterweight title against the Number 1 contender, Jon Fitch on August 9th at UFC 87: Seek and Destroy in Minneapolis. Also on the card will be the former WWE star Brock Lesnar taking on Heavyweight, Heath Herring and Kenny Florian vs. Roger Huerta.

As per Wrap Up ritual, here's the promo video for the event.

And of course, we can't talk about an upcoming UFC event without consulting the Fight Diva herself, Joanne from MMA Girls for her predictions.


Okay, finally here's an issue that I'm personally kind of on the fence about.

On one hand, I love the martial arts and Combat Sports and think it's an awesome activity for young people. However, on the other hand, I want to get on my cell phone and call DCFS every time I see some 8 year olds actually competing. (However, it's common for Golden Gloves/Olympic Boxers, Professional Football Players, and Gymnasts - all dangerous/highly competitive sports- to begin at that young age.)

I guess that I feel that it's okay for children to begin learning MMA (falls, holds, punches & kicks against focus pads, etc.) but feel that actual, full-contact competition should take place later on (say 15-16 yrs old)

Check out the following clip and let me know what you think. -One thing is certain... Frank Shamrock is not the person who should be representing Combat Sports on this issue!

On that philosophical note, I'm going to leave you for this week. Check back again soon as we continue to keep you updated on all the latest happenings and news in the world of Combat Sport!



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