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Hi and welcome again to the Wrap Up. The UFC helped celebrate the U.S. birthday by giving us some real fireworks Saturday night. Still, the biggest explosions may be yet to come!


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Okay, it's not easy being a redhead in today's society, let alone the rough and tumble world of MMA; There's always some jerk on the Internet comparing you to the same three famous redheads... Opie, Howdy Doody, and Bozo.

But every so often, there comes a man who blows away those wimpy stereotypes and proves that it's not how you look but how you carry yourself that really counts. Forrest Griffin is that man!

This weekend, the friendly and somewhat mild mannered UFC star sacrificed his blood, sweat, and even some (manly) tears to take the Light Heavyweight title from Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson.

During his career, Griffin has had some all out battles. His fights against fellow TUF competitor, Stephan Bonnar are legendary, while his recent win at UFC 76 over the Grand Prix champion Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua has elevated him from 'Journeyman fighter' to 'full Contender' status.

But Saturday at UFC 86, Griffin proved that he deserved to wear the belt by taking a unanimous decision against Jackson. The fight was brutal with Jackson delivering explosive punches and body slams that stunned Griffin several times, but never seemed to stop his forward advance.

Griffin countered with strong roundhouse and knee kicks, focusing on Jackson's lead, left leg. By taking that leg out, he was able to hamper Jackson's mobility and extinguish much of his power. Griffin then utilized his incredible endurance and smart use of angles to keep Jackson under constant pressure. The fight was close, but in the end Forrest proved, once again, that he could win toe-to-toe against the best.

Like I said last week, I love both of these fighters, so it was difficult to choose someone to cheer. But now that it's all said and done, I'm happy to see Griffin holding the title. He deserves it! I hope he's the UFC Light Heavyweight champion for a long, long time to come!

Oh, what's that.... this just in.... Anderson Silva has just received permission to pursue titles in both the Middle and Light Heavyweight Divisions... Run Forrest.... RUN!!!

Here's a quick post fight clip of Rampage giving props to Griffin while still expressing his desire to get back in for a rematch. A lot of people don't like Jackson because he talks a lot of smack, but the truth is, even after a loss, he still handles himself like a true champion.


As we get closer to the big Affliction debut, the war-of-words from UFC president Dana White has begun to intensify. To counter fan interest in the Affliction event, the UFC has decided to present a free Ultimate Fight Night on Spike TV featuring Anderson Silva's entrance into the Light Heavyweight division as well as TUF finalist (well, sort of) Jesse Taylor's return into the Octagon after being kicked out of the last fight of Season 7 for drunk and disorderly conduct in Las Vegas.

In the following clip, HDnet's Inside MMA Discusses Donald Trump's involvement with the Affliction Banned promotion.

Never one to take competition lightly, here's UFC President, Dana White talking to a radio show about the Affliction Banned event. Rather than discuss the merits of the Affliction promotion or present any honest criticism, Dana instead feels it's more important to make fun of their t-shirts, complain about Internet bloggers (like yours truly), and discuss getting in shape for his appearance on the cover of a fitness magazine. Way to take the high road Dana!

Is it just me, or is that radio interviewer like the biggest suck-up ever?! Oh well, I think I hear my Mom calling me for dinner... time to leave the basement where I spend all day anonymously blogging as part of a vast Right-Wing conspiracy to discredit Dana White... Whatever!

Seriously, Dana; it's not that we hate you or the UFC, we just want to see some free enterprise in the world of MMA. A little bit of fair competition would be good for the UFC, good for the fighters, and good for the fans. Everybody wins.

Besides, without the UFC, Spike Television would quickly turn into the 24 hour Star Wars cable channel and Nobody wants that! (Everytime I turn on Spike, they're either showing UFC or yet another Star Wars rerun.)


With the return of Jessie Taylor and the fact that UFC has no problem with their athletes tearing apart the house on the Ultimate Fighter television show (but then throws a fit when you kick out the window of someone elses limo), we've discovered some hidden talent that should be a valuable addition to future episodes of the show. Check these guys out.

All they need to do now is drink a couple liters of vodka and wet themselves; then we could be looking at the next 'Ultimate Fighters' (WARNING, there is a little bit of rough language in the following clip)

Well, on that note, we'll call it quits for this edition of the Wrap Up. Check back again soon as we continue to bring you the 'Best of the Web' for MMA action.



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