Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Soliciting feature writers to TDA Training

Help wanted  at TDA Training![Bumped - I will keep this at the top of the blog until we fill the openings. Scroll down for more posts]

We would like to expand our feature writing to include more weekly features (similar to Rick's MMA Weekly Wrapup). If you are a martial arts writer and have an idea, please contact me: tdatraining at gmail dot com for details and to discuss. We are looking for three or four

In particular, if you're an active or reservist armed forces member who's also a martial artist, or current/former law enforcement officer with a heavy DT-instructor and/or civilian martial arts background get in touch! Any other ideas (grappler column, MA humor, etc.) are welcomed.

TDA Training is one of the most widely read blogs in the martial arts milieu. Our posts are on anything useful for defensive tactics, combatives, and civilian self-defense, or to improve traditional martial arts training and conditioning!

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Colin Wee said...

Nat - Do you need someone to spot you a few articles, do you? What are you looking for? I'm happy to help. Colin