Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nathan is off to college (Karate College, that is!)

Regular (as opposed to irregular?) readers may recall I planned to attend the Karate College 2008. Well, I am here! I seem to be the first "camper" (this started as a camp in the early '90s), and am waiting to complete my registration and head over to my hotel to check in.

I am expecting an exciting weekend, and to learn a lot, then to be sore for days afterward. My plan is to take pictures, video, and blog about my experiences in the evenings and share my impressions and thoughts while they're fresh. You'll also hear my whining about soreness, out-of-shapeness, and such, but just ignore that part!

This is the first in a series. I will plan for one diary post a day, then various subject-specific posts, and follow-up interviews. Check back often!

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