Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Karate College

Karate College 2008

Come out and work out with me at the Karate College 2008. I'll let you know when I've sent in my deposit.

Rick, are you interested? Mike may be up for it, too. For those of you who've followed my group for a while, Daniel has been activated and will be deploying to Iraq shortly. Prayers to him, his fellow Marines, and all of our deployed armed forces and their families.


MARKS said...

Looks like a great seminar. Good to see a lot of great karate instructors including Renzo who im sure will be a great instruction in grappling there

Bob Patterson said...

This is actually on the list of things I'd like to do some day. Can't afford it this year.


We expect a post and lots of photos! You have to get a picture of Bill Wallace for me!


Nathan Teodoro said...

I'll miss you both there. Bob, I'll dig up an old photo of Superfoot kicking me in the head for you and post it now to tie you over. :-)