Friday, May 09, 2008

TDA Blitz 2008.05.09

It's a muggy morning here at the super-secret training compound. It's been decided by the boss that I CAN attend the Karate College, so I hope to see some of you there. Several other exciting happenings - I met one of the Convocation Partners last week, Gordon of Blue Wave Taekwondo (I'll be posting about it tonight), we're going to have a Martial Arts Blogger roundtable, and BBM is going to try to put together a meet n greet for us. Very cool! Anyway, here's your Blitz!

  1. Fist of the Red Rebel has a nice post on one of the most colorful figures in boxing history, heavyweight boxing champ Jack Dempsey! Many may not know about Dempsey, but should. His ferocious ring style is legend, and his personal history is an amazing story of American grit. Read Jack Dempsey, Boxing Legend, Hero... Martial Arts Instructor? for a twist on what you may think you know.
  2. Good news on Web security, Yahoo using McAfee to clean up search results (USA Today):
    "SAN FRANCISCO — Yahoo and McAfee are joining to offer alerts about potentially dangerous websites alongside search results generated at
  3. With the new security feature — slated to take effect Tuesday — people who search the Internet using Yahoo will see a red exclamation point and a warning next to links McAfee has identified as serving dangerous downloads or using visitors' e-mail addresses to send out spam."

  4. For those of you who have some confidence in our government's competence, uh...
    Air marshals' names tagged on 'no-fly' list: "Some federal air marshals have been denied entry to flights they are assigned to protect when their names matched those on the terrorist no-fly list, and the agency says it's now taking steps to make sure their agents are allowed to board in the future." Oh good. And why is it that I say you have to rely on yourself for your own protection? Supposedly this has now been corrected.
  5. Dojo Rat has a very good post on a book that I read in the '80's, and probably still have somewhere, "The Warrior Athlete; Body, Mind & Spirit" by Dan Millman, of "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior" fame. I remember reading "The Way" then searching for this book frantically for more information. Try to find it - DR think's it's out of print.
  6. John Zimmer has a great post on an "unbreakable umbrella that can be used as a weapon." Check it out. It's amazing! The post on legal weapons highlights a basic requirement of self-defense weaponry - it should be legal. If you carry a knife and it looks like a Rambo knife, then it's going to be near impossible to justify in court, but an umbrella? No prob!
  7. Black Belt Mama shared a good story of trusting your instincts. I've posted before on why realtors are at risk, but the same goes for those trying to sell their homes. From Psycho Detection Skills Required:
    "... He then said, "So I should probably move my car up to the visitor parking area before you show me your house." He stared at me waiting for a response. After painting for 12 hours this weekend (more to come on this tomorrow), I was completely exhausted and probably lacking any form of poker face. All I could think of as I stood there looking at this middle-aged single man who was by himself was, "It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again." I quickly told him he should call his realtor or call the number on our sign and speak with our realtor so that he can make an appointment. " Good move, BBM!
  8. Watch the Kung Fu Bear via Fight Geek. I mean it. It'll be worth it!
  9. John Vesia's post, Getting Better, highlights some very good steps to take to improve, including videotape, a training log, and slooooowing down. I recommend all three.
  10. Straight to the Bar links up to a good post on "girlie pushups." I guess I'll try the manly kind now. I am shamed.
  11. Finally, I love this kind of story! Prospective juror in marijuana case is caught smoking pot


Anonymous said...

That bear working the bo is pretty amazing.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Thanks Marks. I think his ability to work the crowd is a tribute to his years of training with Jackie Chan, too. Thanks for the comments.

Rob Pugh said...

Millman's later version of that same book was retitled Body Mind Mastery. Still in print. Good book.