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THE MMA WEEKLY WRAP UP for the week of 4/28/08

Welcome back to another edition of the MMA Weekly Wrap Up, where we bring you all of the latest Combat Sports news, events and happening found on the Internet.
MMAs Newest Female Fighter Set to Begin Training Soon!

Announcing Anika First, the biggest news story of the week... at least from my perspective. This past Saturday, my wife gave birth to out second child.
Anika "The Livewire" Fryer weighed in at an impressive 8lbs - 1oz and stands 21 inches tall. She has a great ground-game and a ferocious thai-kick (I figure she'll be entering the ring in about 18 years as a middleweight).
Look out Gina Carano, there's a new fighter in town. She's here to poop diapers and kick butt... and she's all out of Pampers!

Injury Updates from Last Week

Okay, last week the whole world had fun making fun of Kalib Starnes' "duck-n-run" performance against Nate Quarry at UFC 83. However, in his first interview since the match, at TheFightNetwork.com, Kalib puts his critics to rest and settles the misunderstanding by explaining that he injured his foot early in the match at was unable to press the fight.

Starnes lashes back at UFC President, Dana White, who dropped his contract, by stating;
"Right now, I have a broken foot [that] I sustained with the first kick I threw
in the fight,” Starnes said. “My leg is purple and black from my knee up, I have
a black eye, a sprained jaw, and he’s questioning my desire to fight? If that
isn’t enough to satisfy him and the crowd, I can show them the medical report. I
can barely walk. [Quarry] totally destroyed my thigh with those kicks. I’m sure
a lot of people would rather see me suffer a traumatic brain injury and be
rendered unconscious. That’s too bad. If that’s what they want, they’re paying
the wrong guy $10,000 to get his brain smashed in."
Okay, first of all Kalib on behalf of the entire world, I'd like to apologize for unfair treatment you've received. We all rushed to judgement against you and we were wrong. (No, you don't have to show us the 'medical report'; we believe you. Also, nobody wants you to "suffer a traumatic brain injury" for our personal entertainment either.)

I do have one question though; While I have never actually 'broken' my foot, I have badly sprained my ankle and even suffered a 'stress fracture' to my leg, and in neither of the situations did I feel like skipping around a ring... backwards... If you were too injured to fight, why is it that you were still able to successfully backpedal for three rounds?

Seriously, for all young fighters out there; if you ever find yourself seriously injured in a competition, you should know that there is no shame in 'taking a knee' and having the Referee wave you out.

Attempting to fight while seriously injured is dangerous and could lead to traumatic brain injury... While dancing around and later whining about a hurt foot just makes you look like a boob.

Speaking of injuries, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ, Chuck Liddell has suffered a confirmed injury to his right hamstring which will prevent him from facing TUF winner, Rashad Evans at UFC 85. Tough Break.

Bas Has Got 'Kimbo's' Back

With all of the publicity of the EliteXC Fights coming to CBS May 31st, there has been a lot of criticism about Kimbo Slice (aka Kevin Ferguson). Most recently, Kimbo and Chuck Liddell have been trading pot-shots and calling each other 'out.'

In a very funny post, CagePotato.com has been poking fun at their feud and Liddell's quip that Kimbo became famous by beating up guys at "Taco Bell."

But before any of this gets out of hand, (any angry K. Slice, offered to fight for free at Liddell's camp last week) Kimbo's trainer, Bas Rutten, took some time while hosting Inside MMA at HDnet.com to talk about the way fights are really set up.

Proving once again that there's some brains behind that brawn and that he's not just another pretty face (...definitely not another pretty face), here's a quick video clip of Bas defending his most popular fighter.


Female MMA Star Proves That She Can Be Just as Stupid as Any Guy

Alright folks, hold on tight 'cause this next story is just as sorted as anything you'll ever hear on the Jerry Springer show.

According to my favorite MMA news site, Cagepotato.com, the female MMA/boxing star and recent addition to NBC's American Gladiators Season 2, Erin Toughill has been accused of beating her husband, Clark Bevans (also a MMA fighter) on their Honymoon.

According to CagePotato, Toughill beat her husband on "several occasions" including their honeymoon. The report goes on to indicate that Bevans accuses Toughill of taking the painkiller Norco (a medication similar to Oxycontin), tapping his cell phone records to stalk and harass women that she believed he was sleeping with, assaulting and threatening women that Bevans works with, accusing Bevans of homosexual activities, prank-calling him by playing 'sad country music' over the phone until he hung up, and... the final kicker... throwing a rock through the front windshield of his motorhome. (You just knew there had to be motorhome involved somehow!)

Naturally, Toughill denies all of these allegations. The only public statement so far, seems to be from her own Blog from ErinToughill.com where she writes, "I just want everyone to know I am not married and I have NOT been with that person for a long time. I had to seperate for a litany of reasons. I just wanted to clear that up, and most sites seem to have the correct information. So in case anyone was not aware....they are now!"

Divorces are messy affairs; things get said, allegations get made - only this time it's the woman being accused of taking some pills and abusing her spouse while in a drunken fit of jealous rage. I wonder how the fact that she's an MMA fighter will fit into the way the media decides to portray her.

The truly sad thing is that Toughill is really a good fighter and one of the few females who have really started to make a name for themselves in the world of combat sports.

If pills really are a problem, then I hope she finds a way to drop the habit and get back in the ring again soon. If a bitter ex-husband telling lies is the issue then I also hope she is able to rise above it all. (Of course, I can't imagine why a guy would lie about getting beat up by his wife on their honeymoon, but anyway.)

Here's a quick video that pays tribute to many of the highlights in Toughill's carreer.

Well, that's going to do it for this week. Check back again soon to find all the latest buzz in Combat Sports.




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