Monday, March 31, 2008

Aftermath of Cung Le victory over Shamrock

Some of you saw this weekend's fight featuring Cung Le and Frank Shamrock. Several questions for those who are partisans of either fighter, and/or MMA fans:

  1. Was it a good fight? General opinions of the fight? I thought the matchup was interesting - Cung Le is known for his amazing takedowns and standup (a combination I love, as my personal philosophy is to stay up if I can, but the takedowns or throws that put an opponent down are the most effective way to quickly end a fight), and Shamrock for his dominating all-around MMA game.
  2. Shamrock, by what I've read, was doing very well and rocked Le, but was forced to throw in the towel due to a broken arm. No shame in that. What was the technique which broke the arm?
  3. Will this change anyone's training focus? More focus on kicking? Kicking defense?

That's it. I'd love the $0.02 of anyone who saw it...

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