Monday, December 31, 2007

Video: Full-contact Wing Chun

[Content warning: disturbing violent contact]
This is an example of the effects of full-contact Wing Chun chain punches. Notice that, though this bout takes place in a ring, it's without gloves, and there is obvious intent on the part of the fighters to do major damage. The knockout that takes place toward the end is the result of a perfect WC vertical punch to the point of the chin.

Watch and learn:

Notice that the fighter on the right consistently maintains his centerline, and though he eschews defense, because he punches from the centerline, he occupies the center. The fighter on the right also flanked his opponent using flawless WC footwork.

The only mistake made was that the first fighter to score assumed that once he knocked the block off of his opponent, that the opponent was unable to counter - a fatal mistake, as his head was cleanly punched off of his shoulders.

Remember, my friends, the only opponent you can assume is safe is an opponent whose hands are completely off the controls.

Happy New Year from TDA Training! :-)

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