Friday, November 09, 2007

New Link: Judo-the-Blog


I saw a link on the Martial Arts Toplist, and checked it out. It's Judo-the-Blog, described as "Judo Information on actual judo news, links to judo video's, the website of Judoschool Jan Snijders etc. Special emphasis on Judo in Science."

What do I like about Judo-the-Blog? 1) it's in English, my native tongue, thogh I do hav chlanges in it. 2) it has technique breakdown and explanation.

Anything for my readers, folk. I go round the world in search of the best training materials for you. I am so dedicated to your success that I sat here at the kitchen table and clicked a link. I think I may have strained my index finger, too!


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