Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pic of the Day: This explains my faulty memory!

Don't do this - head break

I quit doing head breaks after my future wife appealed to me when I stood up with glazed eyes after breaking three slabs in the early '90s. My uncle who's a medical doctor also explained how concussions worked, and that gave me a little scare as well. Also, I was at a tournament within a year of this and watched a breaking demonstration, by a black belt that I knew, where he broke a stack of six slabs with his head, to my amazement. Then I remembered how the "slabs" flew up in the air on impact, and realized that he was breaking foam! Why waste my brain cells?

As BCP states in the comments on my Thursday Stream post, "Heads are for thinking or to be protected." Let that be advice you should heed, young man/woman, lest you end up like me...

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Anonymous said...

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