Monday, July 16, 2007

More "Have you ever used it" - BBM

In our continuing Convocation thread, "Have you ever used it," discussing real-life uses of martial arts or self-defense, our CoCA Partner Black Belt Mama gives an account of an attempted date-rape she successfully deterred. She recalled, with remarkable clarity, the mistakes she made in getting into the situation, and how she took matters into her own hands (and feet), and successfully counter-attacked in a manner that turned the tables quickly. From BBM's post:

"A friend of mine wanted to go out with this guy. He had a friend who wanted to go out with me. I didn't care for him at all. He rubbed me the wrong way, but my friend really wanted me to go along so I agreed. I thought, what's one date right? (First stupid mistake!). So, we met at a neutral location and my friend and I went with the guys in their car. (Second stupid mistake). I thought we were going to the movies. They had other plans. The one guy's parents were not home, so they drove us back there. My friend and her date went outside to the pool. I wasn't interested in swimming. It was also clear my friend wanted to be alone with her date. It was awkward. I should have demanded to leave right then and there, but they lived in the middle of no where, I didn't have my car, and I was too embarrassed to call someone for a ride. (Mistake number 3) I should have called my Dad. So, instead of hanging otuside with the bugs, we went inside to the living room. There was a sofa bed and it was pulled out. He put on a movie and we sat down. I remember not even sitting near him because I didn't want to give him the wrong idea. There was not another piece of furniture to sit on.

We're watching the movie and the next thing I know he is on top of me..."

From there, it gets better for BBM, and much worse for the piece of s*** who climbed on her. Read the rest, and comment at the Convocation of Combat Arts.

Note, for the record, that BBM is now married, and is no longer available to beat up would-be date rapers, but is blogging her way to her black belt (she's almost there), whereupon the date-rapers will probably pre-emptively beat themselves up before even considering trying anything on her (if they're smart). BTW, BBM is also available for singing engagements, and Mr. BBM is now a successful music video producer, so everything turned out for the best.

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