Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sapp vs. Kimo in K-1?

I had no idea that this even took place, much less what happened. Watch a big man (Kimo, 6'2" 240+ pounds) versus a huge man (Sapp, 6'4" and 340+ pounds) in kickboxing. One of the wildest rounds I've ever seen in any combat sport. Part side-show, and part spectacle. Watch it!

Learn anything from this?


Patrick Parker said...

Wow, there's a lot of lessons there:

1) don't get in a fight with a younger, taller man that is 100 pounds heavier than you even if you have more experience.

2) Anything can happen. One punch can change the course of things

3) If you can't keep the pressure on the other guy the course of things can change fast.

4) Delaying an issue can help (i.e. with the doctor) or hurt (the mouthpiece gave Bigun a chance to rest up too)

5) I didn't know that hammerfists were legal in this sort of kickboxing. They are a great weapon.

Bob Patterson said...

Kimo fought Royce Gracie in one of the early UFCs. He really took it to Gracie (approx. 175 lbs) and Gracie barely hung on. But he held, was able to get Kimo on the ground, and make him tap.

I wonder how old this footage is? I wondered what happened to Kimo. Never heard of Sapp.

It's not Kimo's style to dance and wear an opponent out. You can see Sapp getting really winded and Kimo did rock him. Kimo should have tried to stick and move and pick his shots.

Either way, I'd run like hell if I saw either of these dudes coming my way!

Nathan Teodoro said...

Excellent analysis! I just posted this because it was a fascinating see-saw battle between two formidable men. The clubbing strike that pounded Kimo near the end was devastating, and effective. Great technique for a tackle, or if on the ground.
Another idea if you have to fight a Sapp-like opponent, besides running (best idea), is the constant movement to wear him down. When exhausted, anyone can lose - even me! LOL