Thursday, June 28, 2007

Is MMA just human cockfighting?

Photo: Wikipedia

The Convocation has a thread on the subject of MMA being just a form of human cockfighting, and some excellent responses. A taste from Bob of Striking Thoughts, an excellent MA blog:
Yeah, I told my coworker that the same has been said of boxing. He replied that boxing has rules. Well, so does MMA. So where do you draw the line? Football has rules and is still violent. Football has greed, steroids, overpaid athletes, unsportsmanlike players, etc.

As for sportsmanship, well I have seen MMA fighters hug, shake hands, not murder each other, etc. in matches. Yet, I've also seen others lose their minds and try to hurt their opponent. I guess it's the level of "violence" and blood that bothers some people?
Head over to the CoCA thread and check it out. Post a response as to whether you agree or disagree.

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