Thursday, June 28, 2007

I'm such a geek!

I just read about iPhone, and now I must have one! I know, I'm way behind on the hype, 'cause I'm such a busy geek, and also a broke geek, so it'll have to wait. I can dream, though, can't I?

UPDATE: George at Boot just got one, and seems to like it a little. Check out his detached, impartial review here.


Boot to the Head said...

Umm, because of my job and the fact I've been working this relationship for weeks, the manager of my local Apple store is walking over 2 iPhones at 6:30pm tomorrow. One for me and one for my wife. Failure to obtain one for my wife would result in a costly divorce. I'm no dummy.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Being an avid consumer of gadgets, I'd love to get your opinion at some point, of the features and overall value of the thing. Care to blog about it?