Monday, June 18, 2007

Biting Bunkai

We've posted in the past on the practicality of biting Well, here are Charles Goodin's thoughts on the matter:

I which kata do you bite the attacker? Think about it. Is there a specific movement in any kata that you practice in which you bite?

I cannot think of any.

But in the correct situation, biting is a good defence -- or at least will create an opening for your defensive movement.

Sometimes we are too literal in our interpretation of kata. We should not limit ourselves to the specific movements in kata. In a real situation, we have to be able to do whatever works. Sometimes that might mean biting.

I must add a disclaimer. If you bite someone, you might contract a disease (or you could give the attacker one). I would only suggest the consideration of biting when there is no other way out.

A good warning at the end.

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