Saturday, April 14, 2007

Grab releases critical versus multiple opponents - video

In considering why you will be successful, or not, versus multiple opponents, it's critical to not get grabbed. Instead, you want to be able to check, trap, and control an opponent so that you can determine whom you will engage, and not get flanked. For more, read the whole Multiple Attackers category. The last place you want to find yourself versus multiples is on the ground, where you're likely to get stomped, knee-dropped, or kicked until you're dead or ineffective. Prevent all of that by knowing how to use grab releases.

In stand-up grappling, there are the following responses to grabs:
  1. Releases
  2. Reversals
  3. Controls
  4. Submissions
  5. Throws and takedowns
Most important is to be able to get a release or reversal. Versus multiple attackers, if you try to go for more than that, you are engaged to the point where you are forced to stop moving laterally and can be taken down or overwhelmed. Don't do it. At most, use control techniques to move someone, but nothing more. Anyway, you're probably already watching the videos now, so I'll just end the lesson here.

I do have some multiple opponent video that I haven't posted. I'll try to dig it up and get it on here with analysis for you.

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