Monday, March 12, 2007

Today's Quote: Brad Parker

"Remember here, running away is a very, very good option for the civilian. The LAPD has found that officers in foot pursuits were usually only successful in capturing the suspect in the first 200 yards of the chase. After 200 yards, the odds of catching the bad guy diminished rapidly. The same experience should also apply to you. If you can string the group out over a couple of hundred yards, then you can engage each opponent separately."

This is a quote from what I consider the best generic article on the Web for defending yourself versus multiple opponents, Defend University's, Facing Multiple Attackers? Styles, Attributes and Strategies for Successful Self-Defense," by Brad Parker. I'd recommend reading the whole article.

I like his analysis, but also consider that:
  • The suspect in a foot pursuit may know the area better than a cop.
  • Police are usually weighed down by more gear.
  • Cops may not be in as good a shape as their quarry.

The point of stringing a group out over a couple of hundred yards is very valid, but you'd better be in shape to run and fight. I'm not, so I'm afraid I'd have to just fight...

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