Sunday, March 11, 2007

TDA Blitz for the week of March 11 2007

Dojo Rat asks who would win if Judo Gene LeBell and Steven Seagal were to throw down! My money'd be on LeBell, too... links to a free online exercise and diet journal, plus how to eat a healthy organic diet for only $7 a day!

Stephan at has an important post for grapplers: Achieving Posture. I need to read it twice!

Karate Thoughts covers a neglected topic well: Kime! If you've attended a karate or open tournament, you'll rarely see it, even among many black belts.

John Vesia's Martial Views details some Handy Weapons. Many of you have also read my posts (here and here) on the subject.

Physical Strategies features a video on knife defense with a towel or belt, plus one of a Kenpo contact training drill at Jeff Speakman's school.

Finally, if you use Blogger, it now integrates more closely with Picasa Web Albums.

Have a good week!

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