Saturday, December 30, 2006

Today's TDA Tip: Fight fire with water

One of the most fundamental principles of self-defense is to put yourself in the best position to use your best techniques or assets, while nullifying those of your opponent. Fight fire with water. Here are some ideas:
  • A strong fighter with more powerful attacks should be countered by using evasion, angles, and redirection. Beat a weaker fighter by overwhelming him with force.

  • A smaller fighter should fight in-close, and to the flanks of a larger fighter. That way you can bring all of your weapons to bear with minimal risk.

  • Move away from the power hand or foot of your opponent. Never let your man use his strengths against you. In many cases, that means circle away from the rear hand and leg of the enemy.

  • If you can do it safely, it may be prudent to grapple with a superior striker. Conversely, strike versus a superior grappler.
I think you've got the idea now.

Get to work!

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