Monday, December 11, 2006

Today's Quote - Tyson on "plans"

"Every fighter's got a plan until they get hit in the mouth." – Mike Tyson

I love that quote. Sometimes we just want to fight "our fight," and to train the way we want to train. Most of us will never fight at a championship level in anything, but if we are interested in being able to successfully fight for our lives, that means that we need to plan for the worst. What are you more likely to face, a national-level TKD player or a drunk? What types of techniques are you likely to face? Is it more important to train versus the axe kick or versus the tackle?

I used to focus on drilling my side kick for hundreds of reps a week, sometimes thousands. I could stop virtually anyone in their tracks, and once knocked someone out of the air with it by merely extending it with perfect timing - no power. I don't worry about doing it nearly the same amount today because I realize that it's not as important as it once was. I focus more on fighting out of a natural stance; I train more versus hands than feet. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the fun of dealing with stylized techniques or sport as much as the next fellow, but it's not the biggest part of my "plan." Back to work!

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