Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Anaerobic Training Drills

There's not much debate now on the type of conditioning martial artists need nowadays. The consensus seems to be that we should all be doing anaerobic training, as opposed to aerobic-type training. The basic difference is the training method: short intervals of work for anaerobic, as opposed to long sessions that involve burning fat. In anaerobic training, we usually work in the upper range or above the maximum heart rate (220 minus your age is beats per minute) for a pretty short period of time, only 1-4 minutes, usually.

Stephan Kesting of has a nice post on anaerobic training with good links for grapplers that should apply to all of us. Please check it out.

Incidentally, I had a female student who usually ran about 10 miles a day almost every morning. She was in my daytime class and came in after she got the kids off to school. What's interesting is that with all of her aerobic endurance she had trouble doing more than one round of two or three minutes, so this is good advice. Listen up!

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