Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Moving along...

As I said before, we're getting ready to move, and I will now work for a law enforcement vendor, rather than a PD, so I am goin' private sector! I've been painting, moving boxes, doing minor repairs, and whatever else my wife tells me to do. We just had a leak repaired that we didn't know about until we moved some things out of the way that we never move. Oh well, it's just money, right?

I had my last training on Saturday with my friends and training partners/students, and have handed the reins over to the group. They will spin off a blog and we will link to each other. I may be able to get a training date or two in with them, and hope to see them at seminars or other events.

Folks, it's all about the friends you make, and really, how good a friend you can be. They say parting is sweet sorrow, and well, I can say that's true. I have made a lot of good friends in training, the Manassas PD and the City of Manassas, and will miss them.

Post will be infrequent, and probably happen only when I have insomnia, or can only move my fingers - I am helping pack and so forth. More later...

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