Thursday, August 31, 2006

TDA Training Journal 8/31/06

I am going to start journaling thoughts from my own training, things I've seen/heard, things to work on, and just thoughts. It will probably be in a bullet format, but may change as I go along.

  • As we get ready to move, packing, painting, improving the appearance of our house to put on the market, it has really eaten into my time to research and post on things. This should change soon. I will be on travel some of the time. I had to ask some of the officers from my department to check in on my family, and one of them checked in as I was on my way home, not realizing that I was still in the area! My wife asked my why the pretty, young girl, who said she worked with me, was at my door. I some 'splaining to do when I got home!

  • Mike has progressed so much in the past 2+ years, it's astounding. He actually pushes me in some handicap and limited sparring, and I have 30+ years. He's smaller than me, lighter than me, and doesn't wear his glasses or contacts when going. Nice job.
    Daniel is 1st Dan is MCMAP (the Marine Corps martial art), and a Black Belt Instructor, meaning he can certify up to 1st Dan. He wants to get a black belt in a civilian style, because that's a requirement to progress to MCMAP 3rd dan and higher.

  • Mike, Daniel, and I worked on some things last night that I'd wanted them to improve on, and it went well.

  • We covered the back elbow, vertical (upward) elbow, and the vertical (downward) elbow. These are some dangerous techniques! We drilled how to use the upward elbow to the solar plexus/sternum or under the chin instead of blocking the haymaker, how to use the downward elbow versus a tackle/double-leg takedown, or if you pull someone down for a knee, and the back-elbow for infighting or defending someone to the rear.

  • For a non-lethal softening move, the vertical fist to the solar plexus, and especially a single-knuckle punch. They didn't like getting hit with the demonstration, but seemed to like the technique.

  • I demonstrated and they drilled the forearm on each other for targeting, then on the shield for power. Empasize driving away, not using the shoulder, but the forearm, and striking upward through the target to lift them off their base so they can hit back. Almost anyone can resist a shot straight into their guard, but the upward angle drives right through and disrupts balance.

  • We also talked about keeping initiative - continue striking or go for a takedown as long as you have the initiative, meaning you are driving in, on balance, and your opponent can grapple or strike back effectively because he is stumbling or off-balance.

  • We also covered grab-releases. In a situation where you are not sure you want to grapple, you should release and keep striking. This keeps you from getting tied up and taken down. Sam experienced this on Saturday (8/26) when he was doing his 2-on-1. His tactic was to go in and engage the attacker of his choice. The only problem was he kept getting too close, getting grabbed, and Daniel wouldn't let him go, even when he was taken down, then Mike could grab too. We drilled releasing from grabs to clothing and arms/wrists. I think this will help.

  • On the knee strikes (front), we drilled getting the hips through the target, using the forearm to break the Thai clinch, countering the knee with a takedown/tackle, and lever defense to rear takedown. We will post on some of these things for your edification (big word for the day).

  • Then we did some sparring and stuff

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