Sunday, August 20, 2006

How to Keep Surveillance on Your Home

Adam Walls of 919 security self defense blog has a great post on a program that uses IP and video cameras to keep remote surveillance. He's got great posts on a lot of security issues (it's his business). Check out the his blog and site.

How To Keep Surveillance On Your Home From Anywhere In The World

Many of you out there probably try not to worry about your home when you are on vacation. You want to spend your whole time relaxing and not having a care in the world until you get back on that plane or back in that car to go back home. But, for some of us who have either had their homes broken into or constantly worry because you may live in a bad neighborhood, VISEC Surveillance Software has you covered. NASA Level Programmers have developed a next generation computer program called VISEC. VISEC turns your home or office computer into a powerful, global-wide video surveillance system in 5 minutes or less.

VISEC you can keep an eye on everything you ever wanted without spending a fortune. This is very helpful for monitoring your home, office, cars and valuables.
Watch your pets, nanny, babysitter even your kids!
View from any location in the world via the Internet.
Use your computer's IP address to log on and immediately view live or past video.
Record all video activity, or just when motion is detected.
In motion detection mode you can be alerted by email, cell phone or PDA when motion is detected.
Can also be used as a stealth surveillance system allowing the program to operate secretly on your computer. Suspect an abusive nanny or cheating spouse? Simply set VISEC on 'secret' mode and record everything for possible evidence.
VISEC is extremely easy to use. Installation and configuration will only take 5 minutes.

VISEC can record up to four cameras at once using your existing computer and any webcam, wireless or hidden camera. This is great because everyone with a need for recording video can use VISEC. A web cam allows you to connect directly to your computer and this means simple installation through USB ports.

Video surveillance has never been so easy.

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